How to create a CSV file (Arbor)

With the correct CSV file, you can add your pupil class lists directly into ReportComplete each year. The procedure is straightforward.

1) Download the '' template file and save it on your computer until it's needed in the next steps.

Here is the file to download:

2) Login to Arbor and click on School > Custom report writer and the reporter page will load.

Arborcsv 1.png

3) Click on the green 'Create New Report' button.

Arborcsv 2.png

4) Scroll down and click on 'Import a report’.

5) Locate the report file you previously saved on your computer.

6) Click on 'Upload' and your ReportComplete file will be ready.

Arborcsv 3rc.png

7) Download the file in .csv format by clicking on the download button and choosing the format.

8) Save this new file on your computer - there’s no need to open it.