Reporting during challenging times


The current Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an extremely challenging time for all schools. Report writing is stressful for teachers at the best of times, ReportComplete has features designed to alleviate as much of that stress as possible.

Emergency layouts

Report layouts can be changed, even whilst teachers are writing their reports. You can contact us to make modifications to your layouts, we can backup your existing layout so that you can revert to it in the future.

Multiple reports per year

There can be three different reports per year, each can have its own layout. During the pandemic, a few schools created a brief report around March/April (mostly a few tick boxes and a couple of paragraphs) and the more concise report around June/July. This year, those same schools appear to be doing the same but also planning an extra (brief) report just before or after the Christmas break.

Remote reporting

Reports can be written whilst at home. The text, grid boxes/tables, etc will sync over the Internet so that job shares, heads and admin staff can remotely read and edit reports after they have been saved. You can even work offline!

Email to parents

Final reports can be emailed out to parents. By adding email addresses to pupil data, ReportComplete can interface with most email systems to deliver the report to parents.

PDF backups

Reports can be backup up to PDF. If your school decides to send reports to parents using a different system (eg a portal or regular email/messaging system), then PDF backups can be exported.

Amazing support!

ReportComplete has amazing support. You can contact us using a variety of methods (telephone, e-mail, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, contact form, etc) and we will do our utmost to help you. You can read some comments about our support here, here and here...