Welcome Pack

Administrator Instruction Manual, USB memory stick and pen

We are working on a Welcome Pack for the 2021/22 Academic year. A welcome pack will be sent to schools once they commit to an order.

The welcome pack will include an "Administrator Instruction Manual", three randomly coloured index tabs, the ReportComplete branded USB memory stick and pen.

Individual licence holders or schools that would like additional welcome packs can order them from here.

Note: Colour and style of the memory stick and pen may vary.

The Administrator Instruction Manual

We supply three coloured index tabs that should be inserted into the instruction manual as bookmarks for specific sections. If supplied to a school, the instruction manual may also contain a sticker near the back page which contains the school licence code and administration password.

Running from the Welcome Pack's memory stick

The memory stick contains both the Windows and MacOS versions of ReportAssist. It also includes the Administrator Instruction Manual (in PDF form) - this may be a slightly revised version of the printed version.

Please note: ReportComplete does not have to be run from memory stick, it's provided on the stick as a convenient way of copying it to different computers rather than having to download it.

When started from the welcome pack memory stick ReportComplete will present a slightly modified version of the 'Run Menu'.

Welcome Pack Windows
Welcome Pack OSX
Welcome Pack OSX Dark Mode