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Welcome to the ReportComplete help system.

Here you will find various guides and resources to help you use ReportComplete.


System Requirements
Before you start*
Downloading and Installing (Windows)
Downloading and Installing (macOS)
Problem downloading?
Getting started
The Run Menu
Working from home

At the login window

Login options
Working offline
Proxy settings
Server connection modes

Alternative install types

Memory sticks and cloud use
Using on a network drive
Folder mode
Laptop (override) mode

Single user licence

Entering your voucher code
Adding a jobshare teacher

Useful links

Support information
Contact us
Current server status

Free trial
Purchase a school licence
Purchase a single user licence
Recent changes


Beta version (if available)
Experimental web version (pre-alpha test)

Updates newsletter

Lancashire offer

Our Facebook page
Follow us on Twitter

User guide

The pupil list
The text editor
The built-in statements

General editing

Red, green and blue words
Copy and paste using PasteAI
Paste from Word
Changing text colour
Adding bullet points
Quick replace words
Using word count

Editing functions

Using GroupWriter
The spellchecker
Using the Pupil Manager
Viewing past reports
The save list

Advanced editing

Automatic page breaks
Adding or editing a pupil
Fractional font adjustment
Entering attendance information
Control codes
Showing rulers
Resetting a subjects text or a grid

Comment banks

Favourite comments
Searching for comments
Changing the comment bank subject
Statement bank types


Print preview
Print options
Printing booklets

Security & backups

Multiple backup systems
GDPR information
E-mail security
Backing up to PDF
Local backups
Recovering report text


Reporting during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Administrators first steps

The normal administration cycle

How to create a CSV file (SIMS)
How to create a CSV file (Arbor)
Adding attendance information
Emailing reports
At the end of the school year
GDPR backups
Starting a new year

Want us to do the setup?*

Submit new School details
Update existing school details


Setting the School logo
Adding a new report
Changing the fonts
Report page settings


Renaming a subject
Adding a new subject
Removing a subject
Setting subject limits
Welsh titles


What should a school report include?
Customising a layout
Adding grid boxes
Setting grade menus


Adding or editing a class
Adding a class portrait


Adding, editing and removing teachers
Changing a teachers password
Changing teacher access and viewing rights
Adding a teacher signature
Changing a username


Importing pupils
Manually adding or editing a pupil
Adding a pupil portrait

Items marked with * refer to the School licence only, not to the single-user licence.

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For help with ReportComplete Legacy edition, click here: http://reportcomplete.com/help/index.html?introduction.htm