GDPR backups

Performing a GDPR backup

As the Administrator, you can make a backup of all your school data using the GDPR Export feature. The backup can be made once every 90 days and only when our servers are in a low usage state. The file produced is a machine-readable compressed file that can be used to import your school data into another school report writing system.

You can access the 'GDPR Export' feature at the login window by first clicking 'Options' to reveal the Options panel. Select the Administrator in the list of users and enter the Admin password. In the options panel, now click the 'GDPR Export' button.

We allow schools that no longer have an active licence to make one backup of their data from our servers, this allows you to move your school data (past reports, layouts, images, etc) to the report writing system your school currently uses.

Backup every 90 days

If you have created a GDPR Export within the last 90 days, then you will see a message that will inform you of the date you can make your next proper GDPR Export. Until then you can export the cached data on your computer.

The backup icon and menu

You can also perform a GDPR export by clicking the 'Backup' icon on the main toolbar. If you are logged in as the Admin then on the menu that appears you should see 'GDPR Data Export', click it.

It may take some time to download all your school's data from our servers, it's done in such a way to minimise disruption to other schools who may also be using the server at that time.

Once the data has fully downloaded to the 'cache' on your computer, you will be prompted to click the 'Save' button. Once you click 'Save' then the data that has been downloaded will be compressed and collected together into a '.gdpr' file.

Note: Some of the data in the '.gdpr' file may be encrypted, the decryption key is your school 'licence code'.