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Downloading and Installing (Windows)
Downloading and Installing (macOS)
Problem downloading?
Getting started

At the login window

Login options
Working offline
Proxy settings
Server connection modes

Alternative install types

Memory sticks and cloud use
Using on a network drive
Folder mode
Laptop (override) mode

Single user licence

Entering your voucher code
Adding a jobshare teacher

User guide

Favourite comments
Using GroupWriter
Copy and paste using PasteAI
Using the Pupil Manager
Using word count
Viewing past reports
Entering attendance information
Control codes

Security & backups

E-mail security
Backing up to PDF


Contact us
Beta version (if available)
Experimental web version (pre-alpha test)


How to create a CSV file (SIMS)
How to create a CSV file (Arbor)
Adding attendance information
Emailing reports
At the end of the school year
Starting a new year

Want us to do the setup?*

Submit new School details
Update existing school details


What should a school report include?


Adding, editing and removing teachers
Changing a teachers password
Changing teacher access and viewing rights
Adding a teacher signature


Adding a new subject

Items marked with * refer to the School licence only, not to the single-user licence.

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